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A showcase of my work which I will try and keep up to date!

* @uses HTML5, Sass, JS, Grunt * @link https://github.com/jamesryanbell/portfolio */


* Welcome to my portfolio
I'm happiest when I get to spend my time within Sublime tinkering with sass, node, php or another language I can get my hands on.
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<p>As far back as I can remember I have been fascinated with technology.</p>

<p>Thankfully for me I've managed to make that passion my day job.</p>

<p>When I'm not coding I enjoy running long distances to raise money for <a href="http://justgiving.com/jamesryanbell">Diabetes UK</a>.</p>


* My work
The web has changed for the better and no longer is a random set of screenshots a true reflection of the interactive and responsive nature of the work I can produce. With this is in mind I'd rather just give you the links and let you explore.
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Anytime Fitness Australia
Tyco Integrated Fire & Security
Jaywing Intelligence
Massage Envy [Since taken down]
Jewson - Building Better Communities [Since taken down]
The Man Behind The Curtain
Virgin Atlantic [Private project for an event]
LA fitness [Since taken down]
Goal 50
Showcase Cinemas
Showcase Cinemas - Big Box Office Quiz [Since taken down]
Anglian Home Improvements
Anglian Home Improvements - World Wide Window Machine [Since taken down]
Anglian Home Improvements - Win Sunshine [Since taken down]
Bloom Agency [Since taken down]


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Want to get in touch and have a chat, well you're in luck! Drop me an email, a tweet or a LinkedIn message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
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<a href="mailto:[email protected]">Email</a>
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